Native Researchers

Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart, PhD

Oyate Ptayela: Rebuilding the Lakota Nation Through Addressing Historical Trauma Among Lakota Parents

Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart (download citation)

The Return to the Sacred Path: Reflections on the Development of Historical Trauma Healing

Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart

Historical Trauma Among Indigenous Peoples of the Americas: Concepts, Research, and Clinical Considerations

Maria Yellow Horse Braveheart Ph.D (download citation)

The Historical Trauma Response Among Natives and Its Relationship with Substance Abuse: A Lakota Illustration

Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart  (download citation)

Gender Differences in the Historical Trauma Response Among the Lakota

Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart PhD

Examining Two Facets of American Indian Identity: Exposure to Other Cult

Hilary N. Weaver DSW (Lakota), PhD (Lakota) & Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heartz

Wicasa Was'aka: Restoring the Traditional Strength of American Indian Boys and Men

Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart PhD, Jennifer Elkins PhD, Greg Tafoya MPH, Doreen Bird MPH, and Melina Salvador

Psychiatric Disorders and Mental Health Treatment in American Indians and Alaska Natives: Results of the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions

Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart, Ph.D., Roberto Lewis-Fernández, M.D., Janette Beals, Ph.D., Deborah S. Hasin

Building the Evidence Base to Inform Planned Intervention Adaptations by Practitioners Serving Health Disparity Populations

Jennifer Alvidrez PhD, Anna María Nápoles PhD, MPH, Guillermo Bernal PhD, Jacqueline Lloyd PhD Victoria Cargill MD, Dionne Godette PhD, Lisa Cooper MD, MPH, Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart PhD

Resource Guide: Historical Trauma and Post-Colonial Stress in American Indian Populations

Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart; Deschenie, Tina. (save as PDF)

Women Finding The Way: American Indian Women Leading Intervention Research in Native Communities

Dr. Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart, PhD, Dr. Josephine Chase, MSW, PhD, Dr. Jennifer Elkins, PhD, MSSW

Best Practices for Co-occurring Disordersin American Indian and Alaska Native Communities

Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart, PhD

Iwankapiya American Indian pilot clinical trial: Historical trauma and group interpersonal psychotherapy

Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart, Josephine Chase, Orrin Myers, Jennifer Elkins, Betty Skipper, Cheryl Schmitt, Jennifer Mootz, V Ann Waldorf