Native Researchers

Karina Walters, PhD

Reconceptualizing Native Women's Health: An “Indigenist” Stress-Coping Model

Karina L. Walters PhD, MSW, and Jane M. Simoni PhD

Triangle of Risk: Urban American Indian Women's Sexual Trauma, Injection Drug Use, and HIV Sexual Risk Behaviors

Jane M. Simoni, Shalini Sehgal, Karina Walters

Substance use among American Indians and Alaska natives: incorporating culture in an "indigenist" stress-coping paradigm

Karina L. Walters, Jane M. Simoni, and Teresa Evans-Campbell

Historical Trauma and Microaggressions: A Framework for Culturally-Based Practice

Michaels, Cari (article/presentation by Karina Walters)

is-placement and Dis-ease: Land, Place, and Health Among American Indians and Alaska Natives

Karina Walters, Ramona Beltran, David Huh, Teresa Evans-Campbell

Indian Boarding School Experience, Substance Use, and Mental Health among Urban Two-Spirit American Indian/Alaska Natives

Teresa Evans-Campbell, Ph.D., Karina L. Walters, Ph.D., Cynthia R. Pearson, Ph.D., and Christopher D. Campbell, Ph.D.

Interpersonal Violence in the Lives of Urban American Indian and Alaska Native Women: Implications for Health, Mental Health, and Help-Seeking

Teresa Evans-Campbell PhD, Taryn Lindhorst PhD, Bu Huang PhD, and Karina L. Walters PhD

Abuse, Mastery, and Health Among Lesbian, Bisexual, and Two-Spirit American Indian and Alaska Native Women

Keren Lehavot, Karina L. Walters, and Jane M. Simoni

“My Spirit in My Heart”: Identity Experiences and Challenges Among American Indian Two-Spirit Women

Karina L. Walters, Teresa Evans-Campbell, Jane M. Simoni, Theresa Ronquillo, and Rupaleem Bhuyan

Determinants of Health Among Two-Spirit American Indians and Alaska Natives

Karen C. Fieland, Karina L. Walters, Jane M. Simoni (can download PDF)

Patterns and Predictors of HIV Risk Among Urban American Indians

Karina l. Walters, Jane Simoni, C. Harris (can download cite/PDF)

Victimization, Substance Use, and HIV Risk Behaviors Among Gay/Bisexual/Two-Spirit and Heterosexual American Indian Men in New York City

Jane M. Simoni PhD, Karina L. Walters PhD, Kimberly F. Balsam PhD, and Seth B. Meyers PhD

“I’m in this World for a Reason”: Resilience and recovery among American Indian and Alaska Native Two Spirit Women

Jessica H. L. Elm, MSW, Jordan P. Lewis, Ph.D., MSW, Karina L. Walters, Ph.D., MSW, and Jen M. Self, Ph.D

Keeping Our Hearts from Touching the Ground: HIV/AIDS in American Indian and Alaska Native Women

Karina L. Walters, MSW, PhD, Ramona Beltran, MSW, PhD, Tessa Evans-Campbell, MSW, PhD , and Jane M. Simoni, PhD

“Being on the walk put it somewhere in my body”: The meaning of place in health for Indigenous women

A. R. Fernandez, Tessa Evans-Campbell, M. Johnson-Jennings, R. Beltrán, K. Schultz, Sandra Stroud, K. Walters (download cite)

Alcohol Misuse and Associations with Childhood Maltreatment and Out-of-Home Placement among Urban Two-Spirit American Indian and Alaska Native People

Nicole P Yuan, Bonnie M Duran, Karina L Walters, Cynthia R Pearson, Tessa A Evans-Campbell