Native Researchers

John Lowe

Strong Cultural Identity Effects Stress Levels Among Native American Youth at Risk for Obesity

John Lowe, Melissa N. Kelley

Nursing in the Native American Culture and Historical Trauma

Roxanne Struthers and John Lowe (download citation)

A conceptual framework of nursing in Native American culture

Roxanne Struthers and John Lowe (Volume 33 Issue 3: pg 279-283)

Balance and Harmony Through Connectedness: The Intentionality of Native American Nurses

John Lowe

Community Partnership to Affect Substance Abuse among Native American Adolescents

John Lowe , R.N., Ph.D., F.A.A.N., Huigang Liang , Ph.D., Cheryl Riggs , M.S., Jim Henson & Tribal Elder (download cite)

A Cultural Approach to Conducting HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C Virus Education Among Native American Adolescents

John Lowe, RN, PhD, FAAN

Principles for Establishing Trust When Developing a Substance Abuse Intervention With a Native American Community

Lowe, John, RN, PhD, FAAN, Riggs, Cheryl, MS, Henson, Jim (download PDF)

The Health Challenge of Stress Experienced by Native American Adolescents

Melessa Kelley, John Lowe ( Volume 26, ISSUE 1, P71-73)

Research Brief: The Need for Historically Grounded HIV/AIDS Prevention Research Among Native Americans

John Lowe RN, PhD (download cite)

Encompassing Cultural Contexts Within Scientific Research Methodologies in the Development of Health Promotion Interventions

John Lowe, Lorenda Belone, Nina Wallerstein

Cherokee Self-Reliance

John Lowe

The Use of Talking Circles to Describe a Native American Transcultural Caring Immersion Experience

John Lowe RN, PhD, FAAN, Rose Wimbish-Cirilo, RN, MSN

Giving Voice to Historical Trauma Through Storytelling: The Impact of Boarding School Experience on American Indians

Barbara K. Charbonneau-Dahlen, John Lowe & Staci Leon Morris. (download cite)

Cultural Competencies for Graduate Nursing Education

Lauren Clark, Evelyn Calvillo, Felicitas Dela Cruz, Marie Fongwa, Susan Kools, John Lowe, Beth Mastel-Smith

An Intervention to Improve Cultural Competence in Graduate Nursing Education

Lauren Clark PhD, Evelyn Calvillo DNSc, Felicitasdela Cruz DNS, Marie Fongwa PhD, MPH SusanKools PhD, John Lowe PhD Beth Mastel-Smith PhD