Native Researchers

Bonnie Duran, DrPH

Using Community-Based Participatory Research to Address Health Disparities

Nina B. Wallerstein DrPH and Bonnie Duran DrPH

Healing the American Indian Soul Wound

Eduaro Duran, Bonnie Duran

Community-Based Participatory Research Contributions to Intervention Research

Nina Wallerstein DrPH and Bonnie Duran DrPH

Socioeconomic disparities in intimate partner violence against Native American women

Loraine Halinka Malcoe, Juliann Montgomery, Bonnie Duran

Reflections on Researcher Identity and Power

Michael Muhammad, Nina Wallerstein, Andrew L. Sussman, Magdalena Avila, Lorenda Belone and Bonnie Duran

Educating, Training, and Mentoring Minority Faculty and Other Trainees in Mental Health Services Research

Bonnie Duran DrPH, Tassy Parker RN, PhD, Howard Waitzkin MD, PhD, Joel Yager MD

Prevalence and Correlates of Mental Disorders Among Native American Women in Primary Care

Bonnie Duran DrPH, Margaret Sanders PhD, Betty Skipper PhD, Howard Waitzkin MD, PhD

Evaluating Community-Based Participatory Research to Improve Community-Partnered Science and Community Health

Sarah Hicks PhD, Bonnie Duran DrPH, Nina Wallerstein DrPH

Changing Patterns in Health Behaviors and Risk Factors Related to Cardiovascular Disease Among American Indians and Alaska Natives

Valarie Blue Bird Jernigan MPH, DrPH, Bonnie Duran MPH, DrPH, David Ahn PhD, and Marilyn Winkleby MPH, PhD

Community-Based Participatory Research Conceptual Model

Lorenda Belone, Julie E. Lucero, Bonnie Duran

HIV/AIDS Prevention in “Indian Country”: Current Practice, Indigenist Etiology Models, and Postcolonial Approaches to Change

Bonnie Duran, Karina L. Walters

Social Support and Social Undermining as Correlates for Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Disorders in American Indian Women Presenting for Primary Care at an Indian Health Service Hospital

John Oetzel, Bonnie Duran , Yizhou Jiang & Julie Lucero

Obstacles for rural American Indians seeking alcohol, drug, or mental health treatment

Duran, B., Oetzel, J., Lucero, J., Jiang, Y., Novins, D. K., Manson, S., Beals

Community-Based Participatory Research: Its Role in Future Cancer Research and Public Health Practice

Vanessa W. Simonds, ScD, Nina Wallerstein, DrPH, Bonnie Duran, DrPH, and Malia Villegas, EdD

Jemez Pueblo: Built and Social-Cultural Environments and Health Within a Rural American Indian Community in the Southwest

Nina Wallerstein DrPH, , Bonnie M. Duran DrPH, , Jolene Aguilar MPH, , Lorenda Joe MPH, Felipita Loretto


Global Profile on Indigenous Youth Health

The overarching goal of this project is to analyze U.S. Native American/Alaska Native youth data to conjoin as a comparative analysis of understanding commonalities across high-income nations globllly. A Global Indigenous led research team from high income countries, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, U.S. and the Arctic was formed in 2019 to collate data in our own respective countries. This project is focused on conducting a secondary data analysis from the New Mexico Youth Risk and Resiliency (NMYRSS), a biennial state-based public health surveillance system that is part of the CDC sponsored Youth Risk Behavioral Surveillance System (YRBSS).Working in collaboration with the Albuquerque Area Southwest Tribal Epidemiology Center (AASTEC) and drawing from a decolonized indigenous theoretical model, this project proposes to analyze the health risk and resilience factors associated with NA/AN middle school and high school students among tribes in New Mexico.