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Daniel L. Dickerson

Unveiling an 'invisible population': health, substance use, sexual behavior, culture, and discrimination among urban American Indian/Alaska Native adolescents in California

Elizabeth J. D'Amicoa, Daniel L. Dickerson, Ryan A. Browna, David J. Kleina, Denis Agniela, Carrie Johnson

Understanding sleep facilitators, barriers, and cultural dimensions in Native American urban youth

Alina I. Palimaru, PhD, MPPa, Ryan A. Brown, PhD, MAa , Wendy M. Troxel, PhD, MSa , Daniel L. Dickerson, DO, MPHb , Carrie L. Johnson, PhDc , Elizabeth J. D’Amico, PhD, MA

Substance Use Patterns among High-Risk American Indians/ Alaska Natives in Los Angeles County

Daniel L. Dickerson, DO, MPH, Dennis G. Fisher, PhD, Grace L. Reynolds, DPA, Safia Baig, BA, Lucy E. Napper, PhD, and M. Douglas Anglin, PhD

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Characteristics Among a Clinical Sample of Urban American Indian/Alaska Native Youths in a Large California Metropolitan Area: a Descriptive Study

Daniel L. Dickerson, Carrie L. Johnson

Integrating motivational interviewing and traditional practices to address alcohol and drug use among urban American Indian/ Alaska Native youth

Daniel L. Dickerson, Ryan A. Brown, Carrie L. Johnson, Kurt Schweigman and Elizabeth J. D’Amico

Drum-Assisted Recovery Therapy for Native Americans (DARTNA): Results from a Pretest and Focus Groups

Daniel L. Dickerson, D.O., M.P.H., Kamilla L. Venner, Ph.D., Bonnie Duran, Dr.P.H., Jeffery J. Annon, M.S., Benjamin Hale, and George Funmaker

Cultural Identity among Urban American Indian/Native Alaskan Youth: Implications for Alcohol and Drug Use

Ryan A. Brown, Ph.D., Daniel L. Dickerson, Ph.D., and Elizabeth J. D’Amico, Ph.D.

Correlates of Motivational Interviewing Use Among Substance Use Treatment Programs Serving American Indians/Alaska Natives

Daniel Dickerson, D.O., M.P.H., Laurie A. Moore, M.P.H., Traci Rieckmann, Ph.D., Calvin D. Croy, Ph.D., Kamilla Venner, Ph.D., Jacquelene Moghaddam, Ph.D., Rebekah Gueco, M.A., and Douglas K. Novins, M.D.

Clinical trials and American Indians/Alaska Natives with substance use disorders: identifying potential strategies for a new cultural-based intervention

Daniel L. Dickerson, Kamilla L. Venner and Bonnie Duran

Chronic Illness Disease Stats and Prevention AI NA

American Indians/Alaska Natives and Substance Abuse Treatment Outcomes: Positive Signs and Continuing Challenges

Daniel L Dickerson, D.O., M.P.H., Suzanne Spear, M.S., Pamela Marinelli-Casey, Ph.D., Richard Rawson, Ph.D., Libo Li, Ph.D., Methamphetamine Treatment Project Corporate Authors, and Yih Ing Hser, Ph.D.

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